stickyrice On พฤศจิกายน - 14 - 2010


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……. The experiment regarding a low energy consumption sticky rice bamboo steamer is divided into 5 parts:Part 1: To study the diameter of the bamboo steamer which helps save energy consumption to cook sticky rice.Part 2: To study the number of holes situated on the cylinder  the bamboo steamer to help promote energy consumption for cooking sticky rice.Part 3: To study the pattern of the holes on the cylinder to help with energy consumption for cooking stick rice.Part 4: To study the appropriate amount of sticky rice needed for cooking in order to reach maximum output.Part 5: To compare the results from The  Bamboo  Steamer Steamed Sticky Rice Energy  Saving to cooking sticky rice with The  Regular Steamer Steamed Sticky Rice.

……. Our results demonstrated the following: Part 1: A diameter of 2.5 cm in size should be made for the bamboo, as it ultimately leaves room for induced input for cooking sticky rice.Part 2: Due to the large number of holes on the bamboo, heat transfer is now possible. The effects of having 77 holes or 84 holes on the bamboo are quite similar. However having 77 holes proves to be the most appropriate as in time the bamboo would not be able to withstand more holes.Part 3: The decision of choosing an alternate hole pattern was made, because this design cooks sticky rice faster than a straight hole pattern. An alternate hole design allows for better heat transfer which is much more efficient than a straight hole design. Thus our chosen model alignment is most suitable for reduced energy consumption. Part 4: The amount of rice added in the Bamboo Steamer is crucial to the ripening of the sticky rice. The rice quantity should be 1 kg. This amount is sufficient to successfully allow for heat transfer to take place. Part 5: The  Bamboo  Steamer Steamed Sticky Rice Energy  Saving is an energy saving invention that cooks sticky rice in 30 minutes faster than The  Regular Steamer Steamed Sticky Rice (or x 2 for a larger amount). This is possible through its specific alternate hole design on The  Bamboo  Steamer Steamed Sticky Rice Energy  Saving  allowing for the process of heat transfer to speed up the cooking time.


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