stickyrice On พฤศจิกายน - 14 - 2010


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Part 2

To  study  the  number  of  holes  situated  on  the  cylinder  for The  Bamboo  Steamer Energy Saving   to  help  promote  energy  consumption  for  cooking  sticky  rice.


To  determine  the  appropriate number of  holes  needed  for  The  Bamboo  Steamer Energy Saving .

Independent Variable

The number of the holes in The  Bamboo  Steamer Energy Saving .

Dependent  Variable

cooking of sticky rice.

Controlled Variable

1.The diameter of a cylinder bamboo

2.The pattern of the holes on the cylinder bamboo

3.The hole’s size on the cylinder bamboo

4.The quantity of  sticky rice

5. The quantity of  water to soak the sticky rice

6.The quantity of  water to steam the sticky rice

7.Duration of soaking the sticky rice

8.Temperature of the hot plate

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