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The  Bamboo  Steamer Steamed Sticky Rice Energy  Saving

Sticky rice is the famous food of Thai people. There are many way to cook sticky rice. In the city they cook the sticky rice by microwave and in the country they cook sticky rice by firewood or gas stove. When you cook the sticky rice you will pay a lot of money and it occure the Global Warming , because it releases the pollution. We knew about that problem , so we made this project for appeasing this problem.

The aim of the study

1 To study the diameter of The  Bamboo  Steamer Steamed Sticky Rice Energy  Saving  consumption to cook sticky rice.

2 To study the number of holes situated on the cylinder for the bamboo steamer to help promote energy consumption for cooking sticky rice.

3 To study the pattern of the holes on the cylinder bamboo to help with energy consumption for cooking stick rice.

4 To study the appropriate amount of sticky rice needed for cooking in order to reach maximum output.

5 To compare the results from The  Bamboo  Steamer Steamed Sticky Rice Energy  Saving to cooking sticky rice with The  Regular  Steamer Steamed Sticky Rice.


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