stickyrice On พฤศจิกายน - 14 - 2010


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Sticky  rice

Rice or ‘kow’ is the main stable in Thailand and my other Asian countries. There are so many varieties of rice that never made it to the US market. The most well known variety is Jasmine rice, a long-grain, flowery smelling rice. When you go out to restaurants, the quality of the restaurant is normally reflected in the rice that they choose.

Kow means rice and neow means sticky. Sticky rice is a staple in Northern Thailand and Northeastern Thailand where people eat it instead of long grain rice. Sticky rice is eaten with your hands.Sticky rice is traditionally soaked overnight and steamed, not boiled. When long grain rice is cooked, it turns from opaque to white; when sticky rice is cooked, it turns from white to translucent.I often use leftover sticky rice to make sticky rice pudding. Left over sticky rice can also be heated and let soak in coconut milk and topped with fruit, such as mango, for a dessert.


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